The benefits of hiring a solicitor in writing a will


Loving parents will do everything to provide for the needs of their children. Parents also make sure that their precious children will have a bright future.  Second to education, real estate property is one of the best assets a person may have. Responsible parenthood includes ensuring that the children are looked after even after they passed away.

If parents die without a will, they will have no control over who attends to their children. The money for their support will also be a problem. Decisions like these will be made by a state’s courts, together with government social services.

A will is also needed even if a spouse survives to take care of their kids. Without a valid will, state courts will use a fixed formula to identify how the assets must be divided. It means that the living spouse will not gain a hundred percent control over the money left for the family. The surviving partner will receive anywhere from one-third up to one-half of your estate in most states, with the remaining amount allotted for their children.

Why should you hire a solicitor?

  • Confidence that the will is free from error

Using the wrong witness or forgetting to have the will signed, common problems would occur. It could mean it’s not valid when the forebearer died. Help from a solicitor will minimize the risk of things like this from happening.

  • Serves as protection if anything goes wrong

Solicitors are heavily regulated. If someone had any issues, they could file a dispute to the solicitor’s firm. If the solicitor’s firm does not deal with the conflict accordingly, the complainant can go to the Legal Ombudsman.

  • It simplifies effort

The law encompassing inheritances (including trusts and Inheritance Tax) is a complicated matter. Solicitors are well-versed with the law and can help you come up with the most effective choices.

  • Safety Keeping

If a solicitor helps the forbearer write the will, they would typically store the original copy for them in a fireproof locker safe and free of charge.

  • Wise decision making

Solicitor also ensures that the forbearer has expressed his wishes in the best way, so nothing is left unattended. They advise on how to provide for the spouse or de facto partner, child, and other possible dependents. They will also let the forbearer know their rights and obligations to former spouses and others.

Unwillingness to accept death as part of life is one of the common reasons why someone refuses to write a will. Often, the realization that wills are essential comes too late- like when an unexpected disability occurs. The worst-case scenario is death.  Nobody wants an inconvenience in the future, so it may be wise to meet with a solicitor to help you draft a basic real estate plan at the minimum cost.

Plan the future and never let your loved ones feel abandoned. Get in touch with the most credible solicitors online. For more information, visit today!