Packham Solicitors: Your Best Partner In Assets Protection


Securing your assets and properties are essential in securing your family’s future. Proper understanding of the law and compliance with it will enable you to legally protect your assets. However, laws can be a bit challenging to understand and apply. Packham Solicitors are here to assist you by providing legal services intended specifically in managing and protecting your assets.

Our Services

Our legal services vary across numerous practice areas. We provide services related to commercial law, debt collection, estate planning, and conveyancing.

Wills and Probate

Will is a legal document that sets forth the intended distribution of your property to your heirs after death. This ensures that the property will be distributed according to your desires.

In writing a will, it is not as easy as enumerating your heirs and the assets that you want to give. There are legalities that you need to consider. Violating these laws will invalidate the content of the will.

There are many good reasons why people need to have a will. Your will is your weapon in ensuring that your intended heirs receive the amount of inheritance that you want to give. In addition, it allows you to choose who should have the legal guardianship of your minor children in case of death.

By having a will, you can choose a trustworthy and reliable executor. The executor is the one responsible for managing your assets upon death. Some of the duties are: informing your creditors about your death, inventory-taking, ensuring debts and taxes are paid, and proper distribution to heirs.

Probate is a legal declaration from the court that supports the validity of the will. This ensures that the appointed executor is capable and willing to undertake estate administration.

Packham Solicitors offer legal services in establishing your will. By having an expert that is qualified and reliable you can ensure that your will is valid and binding.

Conveyancing Services

Conveyancing is a process of transferring real property between parties. This requires a thorough review of contracts to ensure that you acquire a good title from the seller. Packham Solicitors is a company that will provide you an expert that will assists you in your real property transactions.

The duty of a solicitor is assisting you in drafting, arranging, and review of the contracts. A solicitor serves as your personal legal advisor during the whole process. By availing conveyancing services, you have an assurance that every matter is handled with legal care. They are the ones to explain to you the legalities, risks, and conditions of the transaction. Solicitors also assist you in mortgage settlement and other financing matters.

Why avail our conveyancing services? Our solicitors are experienced enough for over 35 years to handle your conveyancing transactions. We have already assisted more than 500 residential and commercial transactions. Packham Solicitors ensures that your money will go to a worthwhile investment.

Business Law and Commercial Services

All businessmen want to protect their businesses, and knowledge about the legalities of business is indispensable in protecting it. However, not all businessmen are equipped with information about laws. This in turn necessitates the support of an expert.

Packham Solicitors specialize in different practice areas of business and commercial law. We are providing services that help you in purchasing and selling your business, company transactions, financing, corporate compliance, and making applications.

Our services include the following:

  • Purchase and sale of the business

In purchasing and selling business our experts provide assistance in the preparation of business sale agreement, company registration, mortgage settlements, negotiation, and lease transfers. We also provide advice about employment law and business disposal.

  • Trust and Company Transactions

Packham provides contract negotiation assistance, dispute resolution advice, and other corporate structure advice.

  • Debt and Equity Financing

In terms of financing, our experts will provide you different fundraising options, assist you in the process, and help you in complying with the documentation requirements.

  • Corporate Compliance

We also help companies in managing their shareholder’s meeting and preparing the corporate documentation. Another service related to corporate compliance is company secretarial practice.

  • Making Applications

We also provide assistance with different applications and documentation requirements.

Estate & Succession Planning

Transferring properties from one generation to another includes the tax consequences. Estate and Succession planning is a process of properly managing your assets in order to minimize the tax consequences legally. This includes working in the fields of law, accounting, and tax.

In connection with the will and probate services we provide, we also ensure that your estate will be maximized. This includes the creation of a discretionary trust, giving gifts charitable contributions.

Another strategy to minimize tax claims is to create a testamentary succession. Your valid will can also prohibit estranged relatives in claiming your properties. Moreover, by having a will you can plan your taxes and save your estate.

With our experience, knowledge, and professionalism, we provide you top-quality legal support. For all your local legal requirements, please contact Packham Solicitors at 02 9410 3846, your best partner in assets protection.