The benefits of hiring a solicitor in writing a will

Loving parents will do everything to provide for the needs of their children. Parents also make sure that their precious children will have a bright future.  Second to education, real estate property is one of the best assets a person may have. Responsible parenthood includes ensuring that the children are looked after even after they…


Vital Roles of Solicitors in Wills and Real Estate Security

In today’s world generation, it is tough to give trust to someone quickly. The world is full of frauds that are blinded by money, and we have to be more careful in dealing with the people around us. One wise decision in securing our assets is to seek legal advice from solicitors. They are experts…


Solicitors and Will: Everything You Need to Know

Having a will is doubtfully one of the most important things you can do for the sake of yourself and your loved ones. A will can’t just legally protect your partner, children, and real estate or other assets, but can also make sure your possessions are handled after you have passed on. So, if you…


Packham Solicitors: Your Best Partner In Assets Protection

Securing your assets and properties are essential in securing your family’s future. Proper understanding of the law and compliance with it will enable you to legally protect your assets. However, laws can be a bit challenging to understand and apply. Packham Solicitors are here to assist you by providing legal services intended specifically in managing…


Peter Brock’s Estate

Peter Brock’s Estate Just because you are famous doesn’t mean you don’t need a will. Peter Brock the “King of Mount Panorama” probably bought more fast motor cars for lawyers than was his intention when he died in 2006. He had two children by his long-time de facto marriage to Beverly Brock. She also had…


Torrens Title

Torrens Title – Guaranteed Title Cassegrain’s 2015 case in High Court shows that just because you are shown as the owner on the title doesn’t mean that you can rely on Torrens Title to guarantee that title. Cassegrain and Co Pty Limited owned land. It transferred that land to Gerard Cassegrain and Felicity Cassegrain as…



New Swimming Pool Rules On 29th April 2015, the amendments to the  Swimming Pools Act 1992 come into effect. These establish the following: There is an online register of pools; Periodic inspections of pools by council inspectors; Requirements for Contract for sale and leases. Critically for owners wanting to sell their property with a swimming…


Strata Building Defects

Building defects in new Strata Building It seems we all know someone who has had a problem with a strata unit. A recent High Court decision has not made it any better. Brookfield Multiplex –v- Owners Corporation Strata Plan 61288 was the case and the critical points arising from that case are: The rights of…