PENTHOUSE PETS AND CHILDREN Keeping pets in a strata unit in NSW is a controversial area. To codify the law the Government brought in regulations to cover the situation which covers both the owner and someone renting from them. A developer has to nominate the options A B or C that the strata plan shall…


Leases and Liquidators

Leases disclaimed by liquidators You might well think that if you had a lease from a lessor that your position as a tenant was secure and attached to the land rather than it be determined on the financial state of your landlord. Not so. As demonstrated in the Willmott Forestry case. A lease is a…


Will and Superannuation

Estates and legal interaction with superannuation funds. James McIntosh had no will when he was killed aged 41. He had no wife or children. He lived with his mother at the time of his death and had for some time. He had money in superannuation funds and had made a non-binding nomination leaving it all…


Will breaking

Many people take the view that “I made the money and I should be able to give it to whoever I want in my will”. Some people even regard this as a natural right. However, since the 1800’s governments have sought to make provisions for needy people who have been left out of wills or…


Where there’s a Will, there’s a relative

Most estate litigation involves family members in one way or another. Leaving a clear and unambiguous will significantly reduce the opportunity for potential beneficiaries of an estate to contest your instructions as to the disposal of your assets upon your death. The only outcome for a will that is unclear, incomplete, or badly constructed is…